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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the group tour means?
The Tibet Tourism Bureau does not allow tourists to travel in Tibet individually and one must need to be a part of minimum of five persons group. In this regard TrekkingTibet.com takes booking of individual travelers, forms a group and operates the tours frequently.

2. Is individual traveling possible in Tibet?
Individual travel is not allowed in Tibet unless you get a special "Alien Travel Permit" from the local PSB Aliens Exit and Entry Division, TrekkingTibet.com can arrange this permit for you consulting with it's partner travel agency in Lhasa. But for all of your travel needs, you should consult with the local travel operator as restrictions are imposed on travel to many areas.

3. Where and what type of visas do I require for traveling in Tibet?
There are two types of visas- Group (visas in separate sheet of paper for at least 5 travelers) and individual (Chinese visas sticker in your passport). As far you are traveling in a group buying a package program, we will arrange group visas for you but if you want to travel more than a group do, then you need to obtain Chinese visas in your home country or in Chinese Embassy, Kathmandu individually. In both cases you must need the "Alien Travel Permit".

4. In which places can I travel being as a part of the group tour?The group tour will be handled as per the agreement between you and the operator, the Align Travel Permit will be issued accordingly. However since all the tour programs will be handled strictly under rules of Tibet Tourism Bureau, there can be the chances of change/alteration in the program. TrekkingTibet.com will organize tailor-made trips for you.

5. Shall I need Alien Travel Permit if I'm from inseparable parts of China like Hong Kong and Taiwan?
Yes! the citizens of Hong Kong and Taiwan also requires to get the "Align Travel Permit" however they are from the inseparable parts of China.

6. What is the best time of year to travel in Tibet?
Travel is possible at all times of year but from April to October is the best season.

7. How should I behave with the Tibetan beggars?
You will see many beggars around the monasteries in Tibet and these religious beggars are an accepted part of Tibetan society. Giving money or food to them is considered as an act of merit but not compulsory. Also notice that if the beggars are old men dressed in shredded, bulky clothing. There are also young ones may have a monkey on a chain, a spectacle of great interest to the Tibetans. These beggars are professionals, having less meritorious intentions than religious pilgrims. You can discourage simply not giving anything.

8. What are the norms if I contact with the Tibetans?
You will find Tibetan people very kind and friendly, you can feel free to talk with them. Do not go around photographing the people, ask first, show some respect. Buy some local products and encourage them, they are cheaper. Don't talk the sensitive topics like the political and the religion things!

9. What kind of clothing/accessories should I bring for traveling Tibet?
From Oct. to March warm clothes are required due to cold and from April to September only light clothes will be enough. However, a jacket and a sweater are advised through out the year as the weather may unexpectedly change at any time. The recommend items are: A domestic first aid kit, water purification tablets, toilet and tissue papers, flashlight, sleeping bag, comfortable walking shoes, dust masks, utility knife, sun hat, sun glasses, suntan lotion and a limited number of clothes.

Q: What problems can arise on altitude?
A: Altitude sickness is a serious problem. "Trekking Tibet Adventure”, having many years of experience in trekking and good knowledge of the problem, organizes treks very carefully. Extra day of acclimatization is included in all our high altitude treks. Our guides are trained to spot any signs of altitude sickness and know how to deal with it.

Q: What happens in case of emergency?
A: “Trekking Tibet Adventure” is prepared for any emergency situation and knows how to handle it. Our guides are trained in first aid and can deal with most of the basic ailments that occur during a trek. Every client should have his own insurance before coming to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim for case of emergency.

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